Awards, Publications, & Exhibitions

Short Fiction

“Waterlines,”  Screen Door Review, Summer 2019

“Flight,” Duende, Spring 2019

“Waterlines,” storySouth, Spring 2019

“The Interpreter,” Hayden’s Ferry Review, Fall 2017

“Queens,” Fall Lines: A Literary ConvergenceSummer 2014

“Girlskin,” ellipsis… literature & art, Spring 2014

“The Gardener,” A Sense of the Midlands Anthology, Muddy Ford Press, Feb. 2014

“The Ambassador’s Wife,” 2nd Place, Blue Mesa Review Fiction Contest, Dec. 2013

“Beautiful Girl,” Ayris Magazine, Spring 2013

“The Poet’s Daughter,” Bare Root Review, May 2012

“Izakaya,” Breakwater Review, Jan. 2011

“Saturday Nights in Seoul,” Two Hawks Quarterly, Sept. 2010


“Eating Turtle,” Semifinalist, CutBank Chapbook Contest, 2020

“Eating Turtle,” Finalist, Quarterly West Chapbook Contest, 2019

“Fratricide,” BLOOM Chapbook Prize for Fiction, 2012


Burn, Short List for Finalists in Novel & Narrative Non-Fiction Category, Faulkner-Wisdom Competition, July 2012

Burn, Finalist, South Carolina Arts Commission First Novel Competition, 2012

Film/New Media

“This Is What We’re Left With,” Writer and Director, (2018, 6-minute short essay film)

jellyFEST Film Festival, Feb. 2020

Portland Unknown Film Festival, Oct. 2019

Indie Grits Film Festival, Mar. 2019

“Flight,” Writer (screenplay)

Semifinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Feb. 2019

Top 50 Short Film Scripts, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, Dec. 2018

Finalist, New Orleans Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Oct. 2018

Finalist, South Carolina Underground Film Festival (SCUFF) Short Screenplay Competition, Oct. 2017

Finalist, SOMA Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition, March 2017

“GHOST_GIRL,” Writer and Co-Director (2018, short film)

Indie Grits Film Festival, April 2018

“Phantomythography: A Young Ghost Comes of Age,” Writer/Co-Director/Collaborator (2015, 10-minute loop, media art installation)

Mechanical Eye Microcinema (Asheville, NC), March 2016

2nd Place in New Media Competition, University Film and Video Association Conference, Aug. 2015

Indie Grits Film Festival, April 2015

“Crosswalk,” Writer/Director (2013, 6-minute short film)

OUT Here Series, Nickelodeon Theater, June 2018

North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, July 2015

Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Oct. 2014

Audience Award, Second Act Film Festival, Oct. 2013


“In Transit: An Autobiography in 12 Movements,” Argot Magazine, 2020 (Forthcoming)

“Eating Turtle,” Allegory Ridge, 2019

“In the Shadow of the Taj,” Wanderlust, Fall 2018

“This Was My Experience as a Genderqueer Traveler in India,” Matador Network, Jan. 2017

“Talking with the Dead,” Oyez Review, Spring 2013

“Agashi, Eodi Gayo?,” The Double-Dealer, June 2013

Articles and Blog Posts

“Danielle Clough on ‘Thread Sketching,’ Crafting, and the Joys of Sharing What You Love,” Rebel Girls BOUNDLESS, Aug. 2019

Remembering Stonewall: 50+ Years of LGBTQ+ Pride in New York City,” Matador Network, June 2019

5 Ways to Find Your LGBTQ ‘Family’ While on the Road,” Matador Network, Mar. 2019

“Engaging with Diverse Communities,” Tutti Networks, Mar. 2019

4 Biggest Challenges LGBTQ Travelers Face and How to Overcome Them,” Matador Network, Feb. 2019

#TravelingWhileTrans: How to Stay Safe While Seeing the World,” Matador Network, Jan. 2019

“Five Ways to Make Your Business More Inclusive,” Tutti Networks, Jan. 2019

REVIEW: Love and Longing in Trustus’s Fun Home,” Jasper Project, April 2018

Why the LGBTQ Community Will Thrive in 2017,” Matador Network, Jan. 2017

“Imagine If: Envisioning a World without Violence,” Jasper Magazine, March/April 2014

“Reclaiming Vaginas,” Jasper Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2013


There is no such thing as autobiography,” Screen Door Review, 2020

“Solve for X” (collaborative poetry project with Ed Madden), Columbia Museum of Art, Aug.-Sept. 2015

“Preparation,” Jasper Magazine, Mar./April 2012

“The Morning Before I Took the Train to Florence,” Earth’s Daughters (Issue #78), Winter 2010


3 thoughts on “Awards, Publications, & Exhibitions

  1. Alexis, saw the award for Bloom, also and am so pleased for you!! Congratulations on all your work that’s being recognized! My book finally was published in October and ended up with the title I’ll Call It Like I See It: A Lesbian Speaks Out. In the Acknowledgments section I thank you for your help in my project. I hope you’ll have the time to read it!
    Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

    • Thanks for the congrats, and great news about your book! Yay! I’ll definitely track down a copy (where can I purchase it?) and would love to read the final version.

      Great hearing from you! And happy holidays and happy writing! 🙂


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