“Crosswalk” Heads to North Carolina

I’m happy to officially announce that “Crosswalk” has been selected to be part of the 20th Annual North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Durham this August! It’s included in a lineup of shorts in a program called “Temperature Rising,” showing on August 15 and 16. 10-passes (which allow attendees to view 10 films/programs for $85) are available online starting tomorrow, and individual tickets go on sale on Aug. 3. Special thanks again to my collaborators for making this project happen, especially to O.K. Keyes (Cinematographer, Editor, and overall film guru) and the rest of our cast and crew: LaTrell Brennan, Kate Dzvonik, Alice Wyrd, Nick Ducko, Rebecca Shrom, and Christine Parham.

Also, while you’re fitting “Temperature Rising” and the other great features/shorts programs into your viewing schedule, make sure you plan to go see “Erogenous Regions,” a shorts program featuring “50%,” a quirky, autobiographical short by the talented SC-based actor/director Elizabeth Houck (cinematography and editing also by O.K. Keyes). This program will be showing on Aug. 14, 16, and 21.

What else should folks add to their viewing list? Check out the full schedule on the NCGLFF website, and let me know what films I should add to my “must-watch” list: http://www.carolinatheatre.org/films/festivals/ncglff

Mark your calendars, buy your passes, and come enjoy this fabulous festival!

“Crosswalk” Takes Home Audience Award!

It was such a great honor and experience to be included in Jasper‘s Second Act Film Festival last month. I loved seeing the amazing filmmaking talent that Columbia, SC, has, and it’s so awesome to have been part of an incredible, collaborative team with O.K. Keyes, Trell Brennan, Kate Dzvonik, Aaron Wyrd, Nick Ducko, Rebecca Shrom, and Christine Parham. Our team’s film, “Crosswalk,” won the Audience Award, which was a happy surprise to me and to the team. We shot the film in 18 hours or so, and edited it in about week–after writing it and putting it together in a matter of days. This was my first film, so I didn’t realize (until later) that such a crunched time is actually pretty out of the ordinary! There was so much creativity in all the films, though, and it was fascinating to see how differently people interpreted the prompt and brought their own skills and gifts to the project. Great work, Columbia! Special thanks to Director of Photography and my partner in crime, O.K. Keyes, for their guidance and for taking a risk by working with a first-time writer and director like me. I look forward to future projects together! Also, special shout-out to Nick Ducko, who created an amazing soundtrack and soundscape–it’s almost a character in the film itself. So, hope you’ll check out what we came up with and share with your friends!

Crosswalk from O.K. Keyes on Vimeo.

2nd Act Film Festival

Only two more days until the 2nd Act Film Festival! Come check out this innovative new project sponsored by Jasper Magazine. The premise: A select group of filmmakers are given the first few lines and last few lines of a script. Their mission: Imagine and create a 6-minute film using those lines as starting and ending points. In other words, write the second act.

The festival will feature 10 short films (mine among them) that responded to this prompt, created by a juried set of 10 filmmaking teams. So come out and support local filmmakers, and scope out my screenwriting/film directorial debut! (And see the tremendous work done by my talented filmmaking team, including OK Keyes, cinematographer/editor and my partner in crime, as well as the rest of our cast and crew, Trell Brennan, Kate Dzvonik, Aaron Wyrd, Nick Ducko, Rebecca Shrom, and Christine Parham.)

The festival is at Tapp’s Arts Center, Thursday, Oct. 10, 7:00 p.m.  Tickets are available in advance or at the door, as seating allows. Hope to see you there!