“Solve for X” at Columbia Museum of Art


Photo by Bert Easter

This summer, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work on a collaborative poetry project with Columbia Poet Laureate Ed Madden. Along with a number of other local artists and writers, we were invited to respond to the recent Andy Warhol exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art, with a focus on the theme of “Identity.” Ed and my project, “Solve for X,” focuses on gender identity and sexuality and takes the form of a wall-sized collaborative, collagistic poem and accompanying chapbook (including the individual poems we wrote and later used to create the collage).

Find out more about our take on the project and our process here, and come check out the exhibit through Sept. 27.

“Crosswalk” Takes Home Audience Award!

It was such a great honor and experience to be included in Jasper‘s Second Act Film Festival last month. I loved seeing the amazing filmmaking talent that Columbia, SC, has, and it’s so awesome to have been part of an incredible, collaborative team with O.K. Keyes, Trell Brennan, Kate Dzvonik, Aaron Wyrd, Nick Ducko, Rebecca Shrom, and Christine Parham. Our team’s film, “Crosswalk,” won the Audience Award, which was a happy surprise to me and to the team. We shot the film in 18 hours or so, and edited it in about week–after writing it and putting it together in a matter of days. This was my first film, so I didn’t realize (until later) that such a crunched time is actually pretty out of the ordinary! There was so much creativity in all the films, though, and it was fascinating to see how differently people interpreted the prompt and brought their own skills and gifts to the project. Great work, Columbia! Special thanks to Director of Photography and my partner in crime, O.K. Keyes, for their guidance and for taking a risk by working with a first-time writer and director like me. I look forward to future projects together! Also, special shout-out to Nick Ducko, who created an amazing soundtrack and soundscape–it’s almost a character in the film itself. So, hope you’ll check out what we came up with and share with your friends!

Crosswalk from O.K. Keyes on Vimeo.